International projects

Association "Jaunimo debatai" is committed to the development of debate culture not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. That is why we foster existing partnerships and participate in projects and events abroad.

Debate, not Argue

DNA stands for "Debate, not argue", and that is our goal - we want to create an environment where we can exchange views, experiences and debate, not fight over who is right and who is wrong.


Debate Your Issue!

At the end of February 2020, the Association, together with partners from 5 European countries, launched the Erasmus+ international project Debate Your Issue! (DYI) with the aim of tackling growing Euroscepticism, disinterest in the news and declining engagement in politics among young people.

Through the project, young people will learn to accept and understand other people's different opinions and to take responsibility for their own words, thus contributing to building a strong community characterised by respect for fellow human beings.



In autumn 2017, 47 Goethe Institutes in Europe came together for a joint project called Freiraum (German for "free space"). In order to better understand and immerse themselves in the respective local context, each institute chose a partner in their own home country.

The Goethe Institute in Vilnius invited our association to become a partner in this project, and so we became involved in this international project.