Association " Jaunimo Debatai" invites you to take part in the Youth Debate Competition! We promise that there will be lots of interesting topics, emotions, unforgettable memories and new experiences. All participants will be awarded with participation certificates and Association merchandise, and the winners of the tournament will receive a special prize from the organisers and sponsors!

The tournament is open to all 9-12th graders studying in Lithuania. Don't have debating experience and don't know where to start? Feel free to register and our team will provide you with training, materials and remote consultations. If you want to take part in the competition, you must attend one of our training sessions.

The competition is conducted individually, in groups of 4 debaters.

For all questions related to the competition, please email us here:

You can find the official description of the debate format here and the Youth Debate Competition rules here.

The code of conduct of the contestants during the contest is governed by the contest code of ethics.

The timer at the end of this page is specially adapted for the debate format of this competition. It is also available on a separate page (to use it in full screen mode). The full open source code for the timer can be found here.

Youth debate competition timer