Tavo Žodžio Vasara

„Jaunimo debatai“ welcomes summer with a spectacular program! In the last year and a half, when most of our time has been spent in front of our computers, we have missed live events and conversations. So, to welcome this summer, we are organising the “Tavo Žodžio Vasara” (eng. “Summer of Your Word”) project. We’ve named this big project that because all of its events are linked by a living word – a word that not only helps you to make a point but also to listen carefully to others and to be part of a bigger discussion.

Education and constructive debate on difficult issues is the path not only to personal but also to political development. During the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world saw signs of democracy’s supposed weaknesses – its inability to provide security for all, the slow pace of decision-making, the growing divisions between certain groups in society, and the diminished trust of the people. We believe that democracy is resilient to these challenges. The desire to challenge the prevailing pessimistic views about democracy has led us to organise this project and to invite young people to tackle the challenges they are likely to face in the future.

Participation in the Summer of Your Word events will help both the young generation and other groups in society to improve their knowledge of the work of public institutions, to contribute actively to shaping the public sphere, to inspire them to engage in social activities, and to help them make new acquaintances and friends. 

These events will take place during the summer:

The events will take place between June and August of 2021. They are open to everyone.

For more information about the “Tavo Žodžio Vasara” events, visit our Facebook page.