Summer event „Įkvėpk”

Breathe in discovery, change, sea

On 21 – 23 August, we organised a summer event in Nida called “Įkvėpk” (eng. “Inspire” or “Breathe in”). The event brought together 30 young, motivated people to learn how to debate, participate in seminars and workshops, and learn about the history of the Curonian Spit and German heritage.

The topic of the event was CHANGE. We understand that change is the engine of human evolution, creating the best of history, science, and art. They help us discover new points of view and allow society to evolve and improve. That’s why during the summer event we explored change from different angles and listened to six presentations.

Participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into the following areas:

  • Change: Psychology
    Presentation on “Can a person change and how does change affect a person?”
    Neringa Butkutė: psychology student at Vilnius University
  • Change: Communication
    Presentation “The times, they are a changin: Listening in an age of Computer Mediated Communication”
    Andrew C. Jones: LCC International University
  • Change: Literature
    J. D. Mininger: LCC International University
  • Change: Architecture
    “Changes in Vilnius City and their Impact on the Development of Society”
    Mindaugas Pakalnis: Chief Architect of Vilnius City
  • Change: Economics
    Presentation: “Economic Changes in a Pandemic”
    Nerijus Mačiulis: Chief Economist at Swedbank
  • Change: Architecture
    Speech: “From Prussia to Russia: how and why did changes take place in East Prussia (Kaliningrad Oblast)?”
    Džiugas Kuprevičius: Sciences Po University graduate, participant of “Kurk Lietuvai”
  • Change: Art
    Noëmie Vermoesen (Gigsta) gave a presentation on how personal change changes art and what change means in art. 

Participants also visited the T. Mann Memorial Museum, learned to debate in the German format “Jugend debattiert” and had a great time in the Curonian Spit, debating and sharing their impressions with fellow participants.

The event ended with a festive touch: a concert of classical German music at the T. Mann House.

The concert was performed by alumni of our association:

Vitalijus Dobrovolskis (piano);
Sergej Stoma (piano);
Mažena Šalkevich (piano);
Paulius Užgalis (vocal).

A few moments from the summer event:

The event was sponsored by the German Embassy in Vilnius under the #EuropeUnited program.