Summer Academy

Every August, the Summer Academy ("Vasaros Akademija") is the Association's most important annual event, attracting its members and other participants to a different Lithuanian city for open discussions and new ideas, beginning in 2020.

Each year, more than 40 members and invited guests - from academics and experts to artists and politicians - come together to share knowledge, ideas and visions. The annual theme is chosen by the association's community based on topical relevance, but with the aim of covering as wide a range of topics as possible, incorporating a variety of fields and perspectives.

The Summer Academy is not only a safe space for new ideas and insights, but also a platform where participants can critically evaluate their own beliefs, ask questions, discuss and discover new approaches without the constraints of traditional academic formats. The discussion series allows to delve into topics ranging from psychology and natural sciences to social and political processes, giving participants the opportunity to broaden their horizons and discover something new.

Each participant learns something unique and new from the debates, but collectively everyone becomes part of a society that is open-minded and embraces diversity of opinion. The Summer Academy is not only an event, but also a centre of awareness and ideas that shapes the discourse of the future and encourages everyone to discover the desire to know and understand the reality around us.

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