Youth Debates

The Association fosters a culture of debate in Lithuania and Europe, develops critical thinking and contributes to active civic society.

Our mission #debatingLithuania

We seek to develop critical thinkers and always encourage raising questions

We foster a culture of debate in Lithuania and Europe.

We promote active and socially responsible civic society


"Jugend debattiert" project

We contribute to the organisation of the international "Jugend debattiert in Mittel-, Ost- und Südost-Europa" debate competition by organising debate training sessions (Alumni an Schulen) in major Lithuanian cities, and by inviting project alumni to participate in the finals as jury.

Public debates

We organise public debates in Lithuanian, English and German on various relevant topics

Summer camps

We organise debating summer camps, where former debaters with lots of experience teach the rules of debating in German, give practical tips on how to perform as good as possible, and organise a variety of informal activities.

Informative events

We organise various informative events, e.g. about studies in German-speaking countries.

Discussions & Workshops

We organise discussions and workshops on a broad range of relevant issues:

European Parliament elections - a challenge for the future of the EU?

International projects

We are involved in various international projects such as "Freiraum" and "Debate Your Issue", which promote youth engegament on politically and economically relevant issues and cross-cultural cooperation.

News and events

From our blog

Safe Internet

On 9 February 2021, our Association, together with the National Agency of Education and the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania commemorated the Safer Internet Day. It is a day marked by a series of events around the world to raise awareness of current digital challenges and promote safer use of the internet and digital technologies, especially for children and young people. As part of the commemoration, our association took part in the event “Building a safe internet together”, which was broadcast live on LRT. 

Winter academy

On 27-28 December 2019, the members of the Association met in Kaunas to exchange ideas and discuss relevant topics. The aim of the Winter Academy is to bring together the members of the Association and to create an environment for exchanging knowledge, discussions and listening to presentations. During the Winter Academy, members of the Association studying, working and interested in various fields gave short presentations, followed by an invitation to discuss and ask questions.

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